Online Learning task

SaTURdAy aND sUNdAY dAy 3 I wasn’t really sure if we were suppose to do this online learning blogging task on the weekends but why not. Today has been kind of miserable weather and we can’t do anything outside, there was lots of rain and a bit of thunder. My mama told me that when […]

Online Learning task

FRidAy dAy 2 Friday! Finally even though we just started online learning yesterday if feels like we have been doing it forever. Honestly, I don’t mind online learning its fun but a few weeks ago I was in Tasmania and it really is the place to be, I loved how all of the houses were […]

Online Learning task

tHUrSdaY dAY 1 Today we started online learning. I had kind of done online learning before at my old school but it wasn’t as well organised as it is now. It all is still very new to me but I actually really enjoyed it. I found it a little bit frantic having it always quickly […]

Environmental task

This weeks blog task is to pick and environmental issue and explain the your blog readers about this issue.  The issue that I have chosen is food waste I have chosen this topic because I believe that food waste is a big deal because some people don’t have enough food and there are others who […]

What do you do in school?

Our new school task is we need to do something school related and I was wondering how other schools get on with there day. This inspired me to make a quiz on anybody who visits my blog can try my quiz, so if your interested copy then paste this link onto a new google […]

Things happen

John’s laughter echoed through the damp wet forest air. A cool soothing breeze blew his hair then made John’s hair in the slightest way a little curlier then usual, a weird felling came up and made John fell good. A rush of excitement flowed across John’s body making him fell like he could accomplish anything. […]

Blog comments

In class we have  helpful at all. been learning about blog comments, here are some fake blog comments and our task is to rate them and put them in order from most helpful to not. Number seven isn’t very helpful either it’s not even a sentence. 2/5 Number six is not good it dose not even […]

Country Of Focus

The Chinese flag. China is located in the continent of Asia. The largest city in China is Shanghai while Beijing is the capital city. Most of Asia is in the Northern Hemisphere except for Indonesia, so yes China is in the Northern Hemisphere. China is the world’s most populous {most people} country. It reached a […]