🐄 Things happen…🐄

John’s laughter echoed through the damp wet forest air. A cool soothing breeze blew his hair then made John’s hair in the slightest way a little curlier then usual, a weird felling came up and made John fell good. A rush of excitement flowed across John’s body making him fell like he could accomplish anything.

John ran across the old wooden bridge while mumming a tune. At this point John felt alive he stood back onto the bridge but suddenly the bridge started to shake still standing on the bridge terrified he ran! And good he did because by the time he got to land straightaway the bridge went falling to the ground. 

🐄 Blog comments🐄

In class we have  helpful at all. been learning about blog comments, here are some fake blog comments and our task is to rate them and put them in order from most helpful to not.

Number seven isn’t very helpful either it’s not even a sentence. 2/5

Number six is not good it dose not even make sense. 1/5

Number one isn’t helpful at all it uses slag words and is not etiquette or polite. 1/5

Number four has a lot of spelling mistakes and looks like a little kid wrote it. 2/5

Number three isn’t too bad but it dose not need a comma in the middle of a sentence. 3/5

Number eight is actually pretty good. 4/5

Number two and five i was very impressed with they both said what they want and used good language. 5/5


🐄 China country of focus 🐄

The Chinese flag.

China is located in the continent of Asia.

The largest city in China is Shanghai while Beijing is the capital city.

Most of Asia is in the Northern Hemisphere except for Indonesia, so yes China is in the Northern Hemisphere.

China is the world’s most populous {most people} country. It reached a total population of 1.4 billion at the end of 2019. However, the population growth decreased to around 0.5 percent in the recent years.

Mandarin in the only official language of China. Most children in China are taught mandarin in school and mandarin is the language for national T.V and radios.

See the source imageRenminibi is the official name of the currency.

In China table tennis is considered a national sport.

The connection between China and Australia is Australia buys a lot of products from china, if you notice that most products say “made in china”.

The three country’s that share a border with China are India which is to the south of china, Afghanistan is to the north-west as well as Pakistan.